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 Forum Rules!!!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules!!!   Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:48 am

1. No flaming of other members.

2. No Personal threats of any kind to any members.

3. Curse words are okay as long as they are not used against other members. And as long as they are not excessively used. If someone complains, then the post will be edited.

4. Try to help you fellow 240 brothers, even if they ask the same questions 986,475,124 times. I know it can get old, but remember thats what this board is here for.

5. Try to use the search feature, this will help in answering some of the questions that may have already been asked by other members before you.

6. When posting pics, links that are not appropriate for work, put a warning in the post so people at work do not open it and get in trouble. Many of us browse from work so lets be considerate of others. Nude pictures are also against forum rules. We have members under the age of 18 and it is illegal for them to view those types of images.

7. Commercial posting is not allowed. Please contact any moderator or admin for permission before doing so. Only forum sponsors can post for sale items with out requesting permissions. Failure to obey will result in a user account termination.

8. Registering to promote your personal site or business is against forums rules. Anyone violating this rule will be banned with out reason or second chance. We will add more guidelines if needed in the future. Lets have fun, help each other and lets make this the best site for 240 owners.

"Ask not what this Forum can do for you, but what you... can do for the Forum.."

To greater enhance the sense of communtiy on these forums, please refrain from bashing or flaming other 240 Forums such as 240sxForums.com, HuntsvilleDrift.com, zilvia.net, freshalloy.com, Nicoclub.com. We have a lot of members that visit multiple forums, and we want to keep this place as friendly as we can for everyone.

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Forum Rules!!!
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