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 Oldie but goodie - You know you own an S13 when...

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PostSubject: Oldie but goodie - You know you own an S13 when...   Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:22 pm

If you've never read it....

You know you own an S13 when...

1)Theres a pool of coolant under your car.

2) You can see yellow sponge poking from your drivers side left side support.

3) Your cigarette lighter has popped out.

4) You burn 4 quarts of oil in a month.

5) You dump the clutch in the middle of a turn to kick out the back.

6) Your motor cost more then your car.

7) In some cases, the outfit you're wearing cost more then your car.

Cool You dream about a new paint job.

9) You take off ramps at 65mph

10) You spend hours a day on a Nissan board.

11) You feel nostalgic when you see a 280z on the road, in a "younger-brother" kind of way.

12) Driving in 105 degree weather with 100% humidity with no air conditioning no longer bothers you.

13) You have mastered the "drink between the thighs" technique, or "shifting with one hand, holding drink with other.. who the hell is steering" technique.

14) you take out the ash try and use it as a cup holder

15) that rectangular black cover above ur ash try and next to the cigerette lighter is missing

16) your driving and u hear a rattle because something is loose

17) You mistake probe headlights for 240 headlights at night time.

18) Timing chain rattle no longer bothers you.

19) You are often stuck in other people's cars b/c you forget to take your seat belt off.

20) You actually know what an S13 is and why people refer to it as an S13.

21) You've contemplated such engine setups as: SR20DET, CA18DET, RB20DET, RB25DET, KA24DET, or RB26DETT with an RB25DET transmission.

22) You've been asked 100 times or more if you have the SR20DET or if you're goning to swap it in.

23) If you understand what "pignose" means and what year it was used on the S13.

24) If you know what Super Hicas is.

24) If you understand why someone would spend $400 on something called "Kouki tail lights".

25) If you've grown to love pop up headlights.

26) You feel embarrassed when you do a burnout because there's only one mark.

27) You hate 4 lug on a rear-wheel-drive because of offsets.

28) You dont mind dents and dings because it gives you the "drifter" look.

29) Unsuspecting Civic drivers have crashed trying to follow you onto an onramp.

30) You can't wait till your KA blows as an excuse for an engine swap.

31) You fear driving in the rain.

32) You think you're a badass in your $2000 car.

33) You're happy of the fact that your S13 didn't come with any options because it's lighter.

34) You get yelled at by your girlfriend because you spend too much time on your car

35) Everyone who sits in the passenger seat gets told, grab the door, don't stick your hands in the seatbelt groove (fastback only).

36) You've answered "sort of" to the question "do you have a back seat?"

37) Honda drivers think you're a v6 because you beat them so bad.

38) People don't understand how you feel about your S13. They ask you why when you spend so much time with it or bring it up often in conversation. You're glad they dont understand, they dont deserve an S13!

39) People think your headlights are broken because you set them in sleepy-eye position.

40) You tailgate Porsches through exit/entrance ramps.

41) You have back pains for the rest of the day after driving for 10 minutes.

42) You find yourself staring at empty parking lots daydreaming...

43) You know what sleepy-eyes are.

44) You dream about SR and RB swaps constantly.

45) You know what number 44 means.

46) You can't wait till it rains so you can drift around every turn without attracting attention to yourself.

47) You used to start getting out of your car before the automatic seatbelt had retracted, and almost choked to death.

48) Lifters are tapping like crazy, but you just don't care anymore.

49) Your gas cap's door doesn't latch, and you hold it shut using tape or a zip tie that you can pull from inside your trunk.

50) When you put the car in neutral to slow down your eyes become fixed on the tach and you pray it doesnt die.

51) You NEVER want to sell your S13.

52) You've thought about cutting the stupid tow hook off to save your exhaust from getting jacked up.

53) Your check engine light plays peek-a-boo with you.

54) There is always something rattling.

55) You see a pink car, and your only thought is "Yashio Factory", not Mary Kay.

56) You know no one in America makes Euro tails for it.

57) You talk about mods and parts of your car and all your non-S13 owning friends look at you with a very confused look on their faces.

58) You think about beating all those fast cars in the mountain passes, then remember that you have no mountain passes.

59) You find yourself swearing profusely at your car when you hit the fuel cutoff in 4th gear.

60) You get upset when people call your fastback a Silvia (or see a fastback with a Silvia badge).

61) You concentrate more on the tachometer than on the speedometer.

62) You start to send this thread to all the friends that have been in your car!

63) The dents on a 240sx aren't just dents, they are known as "battle scars" while drifting.

64) The more damage to the exterior of the car, the crazier it looks.

65) You look at someone funny for not knowing what Initial D is.

66) Every time it rains, you must go for a random drive.

67) When all but fifty dollars of your paycheck goes towards buying something for your car, and the remaining 50 dollars is used to buy gas and food.

68) Rainy days no longer make you depressed, you look forward to them.

69) You start to look at probes and smile, and when they slowly drive past you, you realize the truth, and you frown.

70) You work at burger king and someone drives up in a 240sx and you give them a free large size drink.

71) Magically the number 240 shows up everywhere in your daily life.

72) You watched the Drift Bible, and when the Drift King said the S13 had understeering problems, you took offence.

73) You go to get gas, and you hear 30 seconds worth of hissing from the gas cap.

74) Your gas guage reads WAYYYYYYY below E but your car keeps on running.

75) You've thought about Silvia front, but then decided you like your chuki front, but then again, the Silvia front looks nice in person, but then again....

76) You hate going through car washes because you know your car will scrape the rails, but you do it anyways because you're too lazy to wash the car yourself.

77) Your passengers get pissed at you every single time they hop out of the car, because the auto seatbelts end up clocking them in the head when they get out.

78) People ask you when you will be done modifying your car, and the answer is always "Never."

79) You tell your friends you wish you had an extra $25000 to "finish" your car and they all look at you like you're an idiot.

80) When you see an AE86, you say to your female friends, "That's a nice car," and they look at you like you're a complete idiot.

81) When you apologize to your car after a spirited driving session, or after doing something stupid.

82) You jump out of bed in the morning countersteering from your earlier dream.

83) You never put more than 5 bucks of gas at a time....

84) You drive with the windows down on the freeway to drown out the whistles/groans/rattles/etc.

85) You have a dead bird stuck against your radiator.

86) You look at empty parking lots and see a beautiful work of art.

87) The domestic guys at school like the sound of your engine.

88) "Just going out to fill your tank" becomes a 2 hour affair of filling your tank, driving till it's empty, then refilling it again and driving home.

89) All of your friends are getting 18" wheels, and you just want a set of factory 7-spokes.

90) Civic owners fear you.
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PostSubject: Re: Oldie but goodie - You know you own an S13 when...   Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:42 pm

It might be old, but it still makes me laught every time I read it.


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Oldie but goodie - You know you own an S13 when...
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